The certification centre “Baltsert” has been offering its services in the field of certification (conformity assessment) in the Latvian and international market since 1995.


Certification implies conformity assessment of products, manufacturing process and management system of the third party by an independent and authorized institution, i.e. the certification is made by an institution which is independent of a manufacturer, seller or consumer and accredited (confirmation of its expertise) in the respective field.

Certification includes the procedure of confirmation of compliance of products, manufacture or process with the specified requirements regarding quality, safety / harmlessness.

Certification has become an effective means of consumer protection from unsafe products in the context of the market development and openness, business growth and decrease in state supervision. Moreover, it helps the consumer realize his rights on the market of offered services. A certificate issued by an accredited and independent institution is the most important evidence of conformity with the requirements of regulations.


The certification centre “Baltsert” issues conformity certificates and EC-type examination certificates (in the field of toy assessment) of international standing.


There is a register of assigned, suspended or cancelled certificates in the certification centre. The employees of the centre with due attention to the requirements regarding public access to information will provide information about validity of conformity certificates.